Enabling the Highest Power Density Motors

High-induction, soft magnetic materials and stack production for torque-dense electric motors

Trusted Partners at every step, from concept to mass production

Carpenter Technology soft magnetic materials are advancing the performance of electric vehicles, hybrid and full electric aircraft, drones, robots, and other size and weight-sensitive applications. Our production capacity and continuing strategic investments in electrification make us a trusted partner for developing material and process breakthroughs to increase motor performance. Carpenter Electrification collaborates on the development and integration of high-induction magnetic materials into stator and rotor stacks, improving performance while reducing overall time to market.

What We Offer

Soft Magnetic

The largest vacuum induction melting capacity for high performance soft magnetic alloys.

Stator and Rotor Stacks

Engineered, validated, scalable production processes for optimal stack performance.

Application Development

Design, integration, and assembly support for optimal motor power density and performance.

Addressing Key Concerns for Tailored Performance

Carpenter Electrification has over 80 years of specialized development expertise within soft magnetics and a trusted history supplying power-dense motors, generators, and APUs for commercial and defense aircraft. We leverage this experience to increase motor performance across a range of markets. Our application engineers work alongside developers to innovate new power-dense designs that realize the full performance benefits of iron-cobalt and nickel-iron alloys.

Motors and Generators

High induction, high permeability, and low core loss soft magnetic alloys allow designers to maximize torque and power density with high efficiency for improved vehicle performance, lower system-level cost, and size reduction. 

Audio Voice Coils

Electronic miniaturization requires smaller microspeakers with higher audio output. Designers work with us to optimize their applications for smaller and lighter transducers with similar power levels, or to create more powerful transducers of a similar size.

Haptics and Micromotors

To improve the user experience, haptic feedback requires precise motor responses to simulate a range of tactile feedback. Our high induction, high permeability alloys offer higher force improving the haptic device sensitivity and power consumption.  

Current Monitoring Resistors

Battery management system resistors monitor current and voltage and must maintain constant resistance at varying operating temperatures. Our alloys offer a low thermal coefficient of resistance for precise measurements in extreme environments.
three alloy motors

Learn How to Maximize Performance from our Soft Magnetic Experts

Looking for material datasheets or more information on how our soft magnetic materials have improved performance in electric systems? Visit our resource center to learn more from our experts with webinars, case studies, videos, and more available for download.

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