Solving the hard challenges in soft magnetic materials

For high-performance vehicles and electric aircraft, no other alloys stack up

AS9100 Certification

Our AS9100 certification enhances our capabilities and reinforces our pursuit of quality and safety in the aerospace and electrification sectors. 

Power density

Power density for hybrid and electric aircraft

High-performance soft magnetic materials and lamination stacks make power-dense motors, generators, and APUs a reality — providing size and weight reduction, improved response, and lower thermal stress.

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Exciting, efficient electric vehicles

Best-in-class stator laminations and rotor laminations drive EV innovation with higher torque, more efficient motors — improving acceleration, performance, and range.

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Markets Overview

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Up to 30% higher power density
Up to 25% more torque
Up to 30% smaller motor size

Higher power and torque density mean smaller form factors and a weight reduction of APUs, starter-generators, and electric motors. Powered by Hiperco® and Hypocore® alloys, our stator laminations and rotor laminations take electric aircraft to new heights.

Faster Acceleration 0-60
400+ horsepower for compact motors
Up to 20°C cooler running temp

Electric vehicles are the future of transit and new sportscar and luxury models need the most advanced technology. Carpenter Electrification’s efficient, power-dense lamination stacks result in improved powertrain and system-level performance for these EVs.

High torque for takeoff and landing
Compact form factors and lightweight
Lower thermal stress

eVTOL aircraft populsion and motor designers rely on our proven experience supplying soft magnetic materials for aerospace generators and APUs. Our Hiperco® lamination stacks bring the high-power density, torque density, and efficiency needed for takeoff, hovering, and landing.

Agile, never-fail performance
Improved range and acceleration
Longer machine life

As a DFARS-compliant supplier, we have the next-gen technology and proven production processes the defense industry demands. The most innovative and efficient generators, APUs, transformer cores, and electric motors for aerial and ground drones bring our forces greater mobility, agility, survivability, and reliability.

Up to 25% higher saturation induction
Up to 4X higher permeability
30% lower losses

From battery life to component size to shielding, handheld electronic device performance demands high performance alloys. Our best-in-industry soft magnetic materials, unmatched expertise, and rapid prototyping mean you can scale to production and be the first to market.

Lightweight, compact, ergonomic tools
Highly responsive components
Low loss speed and high-speed optimization

When lives are on the line, medical devices, equipment and surgical instruments demand the best soft magnetic alloys available. Stacks for high-speed, high-power motors provide weight reduction, high responsiveness, and minimal heat generation in surgical tools.

Applications Overview

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Up to 25% more torque
Up to 30% higher power density
30% lower losses

Our soft magnetic alloys optimize torque and power density and can decrease motor size by 30%. From electric vehicles to eVTOLs, drones to robots, speakers to specialized tools, our stator and rotor stacks enable improved motor, powertrain and system-level performance.

30% smaller generator size
Higher continuous power
Less heat produced

Our high-performance alloys and stator and rotor stacks allow for smaller, lightweight designs without undermining the performance of generators and APUs. Soft magnetic alloys generate less heat to promote higher continuous power operation for prolonged use.

30% smaller soft magnet size
17% lighter rare-earth permanent magnet
7% battery life increase

The best soft magnetic materials enable smaller, lighter electromagnetic speaker components while pushing performance, such as improved sound pressure level (SPL) and extended battery life in wireless devices.

40% higher induction
15% greater device acceleration
30% lower losses

Haptic feedback requires precise motor responses to simulate a range of tactile feedback. Carpenter Electrification’s alloy material solutions provide high induction and permeability for improved haptic designs and enhanced user experience.

Reduce electromagnetic interference
Up to 25% higher saturation induction
30% lower losses

Products with sensitive electronic parts, such as phones, wearables, and headsets, need to be shielded from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Soft magnetic alloys are used to form thin stampings that suppress, attenuate, and mitigate disruptive magnetic fields.

Precise output up to 200°C
Stable productive over time
Very low thermal EMF

The battery management system (BMS) monitors current and voltage to determine charge levels in electric vehicles. The resistors in the BMS must maintain a consistent resistance value at different operating temperatures to provide reliable feedback. Evanohm® R provides a low-temperature coefficient of resistance for accurate battery charge readouts.


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