Elevating Aerospace Standards with a Commitment to Excellence

Our AS9100 certification enhances our capabilities and reinforces our pursuit of quality and safety in the aerospace and electrification sectors, setting new benchmarks in the industry.


Why AS9100 Matters to the Aerospace and Other Industries

The Value of AS9100 Certification

AS9100 is the gold standard for quality management in the aerospace sector, built upon ISO 9001 with added requirements for safety and quality, which are crucial in aviation, space, and defense. It signifies a company's dedication to stringent aerospace standards, operational efficiency, and customer trust. AS9100 certification, as held by Carpenter Electrification for numerous business functions, including the Motor Technology Center, reflects a commitment to continuous improvement and safety.

Our Path to Achieving Aerospace Material Preeminence

Carpenter Electrification’s Journey to AS9100 Certification

Embarking on the AS9100 certification journey, our team demonstrated its adherence to rigorous quality standards, from detailed internal audits to comprehensive management reviews and continuous employee training that lasted several months, ultimately resulting in the certification.

Our commitment to Aerospace industry quality spans decades. As an “Original JENQC Melter” on the Jet Engine Nickel Quality Committee, formed under the auspices of the FAA, we focus on the safety of rotating jet engine applications. Aircraft electrification requires the same rigor for stator and rotor stacks used in electric motors, generators and APUs. 

Innovation from Step 1: The Motor Technology Center

The Motor Technology Center

At the core of our operations, the Motor Technology Center (MTC) exemplifies our adherence to AS9100 standards regarding our production for customers. Here, our innovative approaches to design, material processing, and quality assurance converge to create outstanding aerospace components that meet and exceed industry standards.

A Unique Approach to Quality and Precision

How Carpenter Electrification Sets Itself Apart

Through innovative practices, meticulous quality control, and a forward-thinking approach to which materials we choose and how we work with them, we redefine what it means to provide the best stator and rotor stacks for use in the aerospace and defense sectors.

The Carpenter Electrification Edge 

At Carpenter Electrification, we’re not just following industry standards. We’re setting new ones. We do this through a unique approach to high-volume stack production, characterized by innovation, high-performance magnetic alloys, advanced test programs, and an unwavering commitment to quality. 

  • Our seamless process, involving the MTC and melt, strip finish, and QA/QC across the company guarantees consistency and excellence at every stage, ensuring that our products meet the highest aerospace quality standards.
  • With a team of seasoned metallurgists, engineers, quality assurance professionals, and more, our in-house expertise is our strength, enabling us tackle complex challenges and consistently deliver superior solutions in aerospace electrification.
  • Our dedicated quality department is more than a function — it’s the foundation of everything we do. This team's approach to quality assurance is integral to maintaining our high standards and AS9100 certification.
  • By controlling the entire production lifecycle in-house, from raw material processing to final product testing, we ensure that every component we produce not only meets but often exceeds the demands of the aerospace industry.
  • Industry standard witness coupon tests do not adequately correlate to motor performance. In our approach, we test finished stators and rotors to accurately describe stack performance during prototyping and to control quality for motor production.

Leading the Way in Aerospace Electrification 

Our AS9100 certification is more than another compliance certification. It reflects our dedication to quality, safety, and innovation. With a focus on continuous improvement in our materials and processing as well as customer satisfaction, we make sure every product we deliver embodies reliability, performance, and trust. Reach out today to learn what we can do for you. 

Discover the difference in quality and innovation with Carpenter Electrification. 

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