Stator and Rotor Stacks from Prototype to Serial Production

Better stack performance from best-in-class soft-magnetic materials and precision manufacturing

Stack Processing Expertise for Optimal Performance

Stator and Rotor Stacks

Iron cobalt alloy stacks require specific knowledge about materials and stack processing technologies to create high-quality best-in-class stator and rotor stack responses. Improper processing can significantly compromise performance.

Carpenter Technology’s expertise in specialized materials and stack processing ensures the highest performance stator and rotor stacks for our customers. Our engineers have a deep understanding of metallurgical structure-magnetic property relationships and expertise in various processing technologies. Without expert processing, iron cobalt stator and rotor stacks will perform only marginally better than standard electrical steel. Our Hiperco® alloys and stack manufacturing methods for dimensional control, high-strength, and tailored magnetic properties support the most demanding motor design requirements and production tolerances, ultimately resulting in superior motor responses.

From tooling and stamping to annealing, insulation, bonding, and quality testing, Carpenter Electrification offers a simplified supply chain and short lead times for prototypes and mass production.

  • Lamination thickness from 0.1 to 0.5mm
  • 400mm (16") strip width for monolithic laminations
  • Overlapping construction and segmented stacks
  • Optimized process yields for scale-up

Supply Partner for Thin, High Precision Laminations


We offer a full range of capabilities, including progressive stamping, compound stamping, notch stamping, laser cutting and EDM. With over a decade of sourcing, qualifying, and supplying laminations, we provide the market with over five million laminations per year. All products are managed per our Carpenter Technology quality control system to ensure best-in-class stack performance.

stacks of rotors for electric motors

One-Stop-Shop for Laminations and Stacks

We're here to support your stator and rotor stack needs, from prototype to serial production. Our range of lamination, heat treatment, bonding, and assembly techniques are optimized for quality and process yields for scalability. Our team implements the best production method for your product given the unique performance requirements, design maturity, and volume demands based upon our expansive process datasets and experience.

Stator & Rotor Stack Benefits

Engineered for high performance

We're ready to share our expert knowledge of material processing, structure-property relationship, and growth mechanisms during annealing cycles. By coupling this know-how with our expertise in stack processing, we ensure your stack magnetic, mechanical, and dimension requirements are met.

High quality and repeatability

Poor processing and lack of experience can reduce magnetic properties by as much as 50%. Our stack processing expertise, ISO9001 certified facilities, and quality assurance system guarantee the stack performance benefits you are in search of.

Short lead time

We've simplified the supply chain process for laminations and stacks by using in-house resources. This results in short lead times for prototypes and mass production so you get to market faster than competitors.

Trusted Partner for Application and Product

Our engineering team partners with your designers to ensure the maximum benefits of high-performance soft magnetic alloys are realized. Let us consult on your motor design, integration, and stack production.

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