Advanced Solutions for Motors and Enhanced Electric Vehicle Performance

High-induction soft magnetic solutions for power-dense electric traction motors
Electric vehicle motors with soft magnetics

Putting the Future of Mobility Into Motion

Electric vehicles (EV) are the future of transportation, yet vehicle range and purchase prices are barriers for fast consumer adoption. Efficient, power-dense electric motors and precise battery management systems can offer improved powertrain and system-level performance, as well as cost benefits.

We are an industry leader for high-performance soft magnetic alloys with high induction and low core losses. Our solutions enable higher power, torque-dense, and highly efficient motors that help realize EV innovations with improved range, acceleration, and lower powertrain costs. Our highly stable resistance alloys are used to regulate voltage and current for optimal battery management during charging and operating cycles.

We have been a strategic material partner to the Transportation industry for over a century and our Hiperco®, Hypocore®, and Evanohm® R products are available in high volume production to industry specifications from our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.

Enhancing Performance for Existing and New EV Models

Passenger EVs

Electric vehicle programs and sales are increasing in popularity. However range anxiety, charging times, and high purchase prices have slowed adoption. The next generation of electric vehicles will have improved motor and electronics designs for more efficient powertrains and better vehicle performance and value.

Our high performance soft magnetic alloys enable system-level benefits for these new vehicle designs. Our Hiperco® and Hypocore® alloys provide high induction, fast response, and low loss for high-efficiency, power- and torque-dense electric traction motors. This provides powertrain and vehicle designers with options for improved performance. Extended range, reduced battery size and weight, smaller motors, and faster acceleration can be realized. Our Evanohm® R resistance alloys provide stable performance across a wide range of temperatures for more accurate regulation of voltage and current in battery management systems. Carpenter Electrification is investing to meet the performance, cost, and supply requirements for high-performance electric vehicles.

Optimized Power Density for Racing Performance


Racing is at the forefront of innovation and demands leading-edge technologies. For years racing teams have used highly advanced electric motors for regenerative braking and power boost to give their drivers an advantage. The newer circuits use full-electric designs and continue to push the bounds of electric traction motor and powertrain technology.

High-performance materials enable the small, lightweight, and high power motors needed in racing. Our alloy and stator and rotor stack solutions improve performance, delivering higher power and torque to facilitate more power savings or more power generation and more acceleration. Racecar motors typically operate at high rpm and frequency to optimize power density. Thin laminations, 0.10mm and thinner, offer low core losses for high-speed motors, allowing for continuous power delivery.

Extended Range and Inceased Payload Solutions

E-Trucks & E-Bus

Commercial and fleet vehicles have unique drive cycle requirements, driven in equal parts by purpose and finances. City buses, delivery vehicles, and service vehicles must balance people and payload carrying requirements Long-range trucking puts a premium on payload capacity and vehicle range. In all cases, the business needs put a high value on operational efficiency. Power dense motors offer a range of options for improved powertrain and overall vehicle design for the electrification of Class 4 buses and larger trucks.

Our high-performance soft magnetic alloys and stator and rotor stacks are suited for high-efficiency, power-dense motor designs, opening options for optimized powertrains. Higher torque and efficiency lowers the demand for electric power input, so buses and trucks can run further on a charge. New powertrain architectures with smaller, lighter battery module designs and substantial economic benefits are possible. Smaller, lighter batteries increase payload carrying capacity and profit potential while lowering overall vehicle cost.

Our Alloy Highlights

Hiperco® 50A

Highest magnetic induction with the lowest core losses for stator applications in power-dense motors and generators.

Hiperco® 50

Highest magnetic induction and low core losses with mechanical properties that can be tailored to meet both stator and rotor application needs. 


High magnetic induction and low losses for higher continuous power and higher efficiency motors.

Evanohm® R

Resistance alloy with low TCR and high thermal stability for more precise regulation of voltage and current in EV battery management systems.

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