Hiperco® 50A

This alloy exhibits the highest magnetic saturation (24 kilogauss) of commercially available soft magnetic alloys while maintaining low core loss as compared to electrical steel. Hiperco 50A is used in motors and generators for achieving combination of maximum torque density and lowest losses. It helps to improve the motor power density, efficiency, and can reduce the size of the motor. Key benefits of this alloy are:

  • Low tramp element concentrations
  • High magnetic saturation
  • Low core loss
  • High purity

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Hiperco® 50A  Datasheet

Working to Improve Motor Power Density and Efficiency

This alloy is characterized by high purity. No intentional alloying additions are made for grain refinement and there are low tramp element concentrations which leads Hiperco 50A to have superior magnetic properties to other iron-cobalt soft magnetic alloys. It also works as a flux concentrator in electromagnetic pole pieces for different high flux applications such as medical radiology. This alloy is also used in actuator, specialty transformer, magnetic bearing applications offering high flux density and size reduction opportunity.