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Pioneering innovation with high-performance soft magnetic materials and components

Carpenter Electrification is a leading provider of advanced electrification solutions, catering to diverse markets such as aviation, defense, energy, and industrial sectors. We focus on designing, manufacturing, and integrating innovative high-performance, power-dense materials to enhance efficiency, performance, and sustainability for everything from electric motors to complex electric circuits.

Our primary objective is to bolster your competitive position by pushing the frontiers of alloy materials and tailoring them to suit the performance requirements of your applications. Explore how we're making an impact across various market applications below. 


Markets Overview
Markets Overview

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20-30% Higher Power Density
20-30% Reduction in Motor Size
Up to 15% Increase in Torque
Up to 3% Increase in Efficiency
We produce best-in-class soft magnetic alloys and stator and rotor stacks to enhance electric motor performance for electrified transportation. Our power-dense motors contribute to optimized powertrains in cutting-edge electric vehicles, delivering exceptional torque and range advantages — and we are committed to driving the electric vehicle industry forward with innovative solutions.
25% Higher Induction
30% Lower Losses
Noise Reduction
Air Pollution Reduction
At Carpenter Electrification, we excel at developing motors and propulsion systems for electric aircraft (eVTOL, hybrid, and full-electric airplanes). We focus on designing, manufacturing, and integrating cutting-edge technologies to create environmentally friendly and energy-efficient aviation solutions. By partnering with industry leaders and leveraging advanced materials, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution, making air travel more sustainable and accessible in the future.
0.15MM Thick Iron-Cobalt Alloys
Higher Torque
Higher Continuous Power
Lower Heat Generation
We specialize in aerospace applications, offering high-performance soft magnetic materials and components for generators, APUs, and electric systems. Our solutions are integrated into over 75% of commercial and defense aircraft, making them a key player in the industry. With ongoing strategic investments in electrification and a production capacity exceeding 100,000 tons annually, we're a trusted partner for aerospace material advancements.
Up to 15% Increase in Torque
Up to 3% Increase in Efficiency
Cooler Operating Temperatures
Smaller, Lighter Systems
Innovative solutions for the defense sector through advanced materials, components, and systems for ground, air, and naval platforms. Our expertise in producing high-performance materials, including soft magnetic and high-temperature alloys, enables us to support various defense applications across the market. Our in-depth knowledge and global manufacturing capabilities allow us to continually improve performance, enhance efficiency, and reduce the size and weight of defense systems, ultimately strengthening the capabilities of our armed forces.
Up to 25% Saturation Induction
Up to 4X High Permeability
30% Lower Losses
Higher Performance
Our team focuses on providing cutting-edge power solutions for consumer electronics, from smartphones to chargers and beyond. Sophisticated soft magnetic materials provide the flexibility to create compact, lightweight components without compromising performance. Enhance power, minimize weight, or extend battery life using our innovative material solutions and expert engineering assistance designed to accelerate your product's journey to the market.
Increased Torque Up to 25%
Improved Power Density by 30%
Compact Design
Oprimized to Perform
We dedicate ourselves to providing advanced power solutions for the medical industry for increased comfort and performance in surgical tools. Custom magnetic components and assemblies with more responsiveness, reduced vibration, and size reduction play a critical role in medical devices such as MRI machines, X-ray equipment, and patient monitoring systems. Our expertise in electromechanical design and our commitment to quality and innovation deliver results. 
Higher Power Density
Compact Designs
More Reliable Performance
Improved Torque
We provide soft magnetic alloy and lamination stack solutions that enable stewardship of non-renewable resources and the development of viable green technologies. Our portfolio of soft magnetic alloys and manufactured lamination stacks maximize the efficiency of energy production and transmission with industry-leading magnetic induction and the lowest core losses. Our high-performance materials enable stewardship of non-renewable resources and the development of viable green technologies.
High Magnetic Induction
Low Core Losses
Low Coercivity
High Electric Resistivity
Carpenter Electrification specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-performance electrification systems for industrial applications. We meet the needs of demanding industrial applications across various markets, including material handling, mining, construction, and agriculture. Our solutions increase efficiency, reduce emissions, and improve the overall sustainability of industrial operations.

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