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High-performance, high-induction, high-permeability, low-loss soft magnetic alloys to optimize electronic device performance, miniaturization, and product development flexibility

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Electronics companies face rapid innovation cycles, complex value chain integration, and intense competition. Our collaborative partnerships, deep materials expertise, and speed to prototype and scale mean you can bring your designs to life and be first to market.

No other alloys stack up

Our soft magnetic materials empower consumer electronics designers like you to drive innovation. High-induction, high-permeability alloys:

  • Improve haptic actuation force for differentiation in subtle touches and sensory feedback
  • Boost sound pressure level density to enable speaker miniaturization
  • Offer effective magnetic shielding
  • Enhance flux concentration
  • Improve overall performance, resulting in battery power savings

Better user experience. Bigger power savings.

Smart phones and wearables

The magic touch

Haptic actuation devices are powerful sensory tools that drive advancements in augmented and virtual reality applications. Our Hiperco® alloys improve user experience across the board:

  • 40% higher induction and industry-leading high permeability
  • 15% faster device acceleration
  • Better touch response and sensory feedback
  • Significant power savings
  • Longer battery and device life
  • Product miniaturization

Our corrosion-resistant Chrome Core® alloys offer an alternative for high reliability in more demanding ambient operating environments.

Our Evanohm® R resistance alloys have low TCR and are highly stable, well-suited for accurate readings during charging and operating cycles in battery management systems.

Our soft magnetic alloys have also been used for magnetic shielding and flux focusing to resolve magnetic interference issues inherent in some highly compact designs.

Higher sound pressure levels for improved audio output


Big advances in small electronics

The ever-expanding demand for miniaturized electronics and multimedia technology requires smaller microspeakers with improved audio output. Reducing the size of magnetic circuits has been an obstacle in the past — but no more.

Our materials and processes allow OEMs to produce smaller, lighter acoustic transducers with similar power levels, or create more powerful transducers of a similar size.

Microspeakers built with Hiperco® soft magnetic alloys have the competitive advantage over steel-based magnetic assemblies:

  • More sound pressure level (SPL) dense
  • 30% smaller, lighter soft magnet
  • 17% smaller, lighter rare earth permanent magnet
  • 7% more battery life due to reduced operating current

Compact, lightweight sound amplification

Hearing Aids

An audio lifeline

Hearing aids have to perform with varying and unpredictable audio inputs while providing exceptional sound amplification and clarity. Devices must also be compact and lightweight for user experience and use compliance.

To meet these needs, hearing aid acoustic designers rely on very high-permeability soft magnetic alloys in their dynamic drivers.

Our high-permeability iron-nickel alloys offer different combinations of properties suited for components in high-fidelity systems.

High Permeability 49 has good magnetic induction and provides excellent response and miniaturization. HyMu 80 has exceptional permeability and is ideal for magnetic shielding to insulate and isolate critical components.



Haptic & Sensor Shielding
Haptic & Sensor Shielding

High permeability alloys and laminated stacks act as current sensors and prevent unwanted electromagnetic interference between adjacent devices in compact consumer electronic applications.

Haptic Engines & Motors
Haptic Engines and Motors

Haptic feedback requires precise motor responses to simulate a range of tactile feedback. Our high induction and permeability alloys offer higher force, improving the haptic device sensitivity and power consumption.


Our expertise in specialized materials and stack processing ensures the highest performance stator and rotor stacks. We have a deep understanding of metallurgical structure-magnetic property relationships and expertise in various processing technologies. Our methods for dimensional control, high-strength, and tailored magnetic properties support the most demanding design requirements and production tolerances, resulting in superior motor responses.

Circuit Protection & Safety Devices

High permeability soft alloys rapidly create a magnetic field in response to small changes in electrical energy. These alloys are a core component of GFCIs and switches that protect people and electrical circuits.

Thermal Expansion
Thermal Expansion

Alloys with controlled expansion characteristics are used for a broad variety of applications where thermal size change of the metal must be considered in component part design.

Glass Sealing
Glass Sealing

Glass-to-metal sealing applications require specialty alloys designed to match the rate at which glasses cool from various elevated temperature ranges. Our materials offer lasting metal-to-glass fusion in hermetically-sealed devices.

Better Products Faster

Solutions must be small and lightweight but also provide expanded functionality, and in certain applications must have stable operation across a wide range of temperatures. 

Whether it's diverse soft magnetics, application engineering, product knowledge, rapid prototyping and sampling, or other performance solutions, our expertise will get you to market with better products faster.


Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys


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