High Permeability 49

High Permeability 49 is a 48% nickel-iron alloy that possesses the highest saturation flux density of any nickel-iron alloy. The saturation flux density of about 16000 gauss (1.6 Tesla) combined with high magnetic permeability and low core loss makes this a versatile alloy with many potential applications. Key benefits of this alloy include:

  • High magnetic permeability
  • Low core loss

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High Permeability 49  Datasheet

Ability to Maintain a High Saturation Flux Density

High Permeability 49 has been used in laminated cores for instrument transformers, magnetic shields and cores for certain electronic and communications devices in which extremely high permeability at low magnetizing forces greatly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment. Because of its high permeability, it has also been used in solenoid cores and sensitive relays that must respond to low magnetizing forces.