High Permeability 49

High Permeability 49 is a 48% nickel-iron alloy that possesses the highest saturation flux density of any nickel-iron alloy. The saturation flux density of about 16000 gauss (1.6 Tesla) combined with high magnetic permeability and low core loss makes this a versatile alloy with many potential applications.

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Why Choose High Permeability 49?

Unrivaled Magnetic Permeability: High Permeability 49 stands out in the market with its unparalleled magnetic permeability, ensuring efficient energy transfer and optimal performance in electromagnetic applications.

Minimal Core Loss: This material is engineered to minimize core loss, significantly reducing energy dissipation and enhancing overall system efficiency, making it ideal for high-frequency applications.

Sustained High Saturation Flux Density: High Permeability 49 maintains a high saturation flux density even under extreme conditions, providing consistent performance and reliability for critical applications.

High Permeability 49 Applications

High Permeability 49's exceptional magnetic properties make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from enhancing precision in electrical components to improving efficiency and signal clarity in advanced electronics and communication systems, offering unmatched performance where it matters most. Some examples: 

Instrument Transformers: High Permeability 49 is pivotal in instrument transformers for its ability to ensure accurate, current measurement and signal isolation, enhancing safety and reliability in power systems.

Electronics and Communications Devices: In electronics and communications devices, High Permeability 49 improves signal integrity and reduces electromagnetic interference, ensuring more precise signals and enhanced device performance.

Solenoid Cores and Sensitive Relays: For solenoid cores and sensitive relays, High Permeability 49 offers superior magnetic responsiveness, enabling precise control and efficient operation in automation and control applications.