Best-in-Class-Materials for Best-in-Class Products

High performance, high induction soft magnetic alloys aid design flexibility and optimization
high induction magnetic motor

High-induction magnetic materials for high performance

Carpenter Electrification soft magnetic materials are used in over 75% of all generators and APUs installed on commercial and defense aircraft. With a production capacity of
over 100,000 tons per year and continuing strategic investments in electrification, we
are a trusted partner for material and performance breakthroughs.

Product Expertise From Over 80 Years of Soft Magnetic Development

Soft Magnetic

Extensive portfolio of high induction, high permeability, low core loss, and corrosion-resistant soft magnetic alloys.

Lamination and Stack Production

Optimized, scalable production processes for peak stator and rotor stack performance.

Electrical Resistance Alloys

Low thermal coefficient of resistance for high-precision resistor applications.


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