Enabling the Highest Power Density Motors

High-induction, soft magnetic materials and stack production for torque-dense electric motors
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Power Density for Electric Aircraft

Carpenter Electrification is proud to supply materials and stacks for power-dense motors, generators, and APUs that reduce component weight and energy consumption for eVTOLs and commercial aircraft.

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Enhanced Performance in Electric Vehicles

Carpenter Electrification solutions offer higher torque and exceedingly efficient motors that help realize EV innovations with improved acceleration and range.

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Markets Overview

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  • Electric Aircrafts
  • Electric Vehicles
  • eVTOL Air Taxis
  • Defense UAVs & UGVs
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical
Compact Form-Factor
High Torque and High Power

Carpenter Electrification is highly experienced in providing Hiperco® and Hypocore® alloys and stator and rotor stacks for the aerospace industry. Higher power and torque density mean smaller sizes and a weight reduction of critical aircraft systems such as APUs, starter-generators, and electric motors.

Faster Acceleration, 0-60 MPH
Greater Than 300 HP for Compact Motors
Increase of 3% in Efficiency

Electric vehicles are increasingly popular and companies are introducing new sports and luxury EV models with higher performance and comfort. Carpenter Electrification’s efficient, power-dense stacks for electric offer improved powertrain and system-level performance.

High Torque for Take-Off and Landing
Compact and Lightweight
Lower Thermal Stress
Proven Performance in Flight

The state-of-the-art new battery powered eVTOL aircraft benefit from our proven experience supplying the stack materials used in Aerospace generators and APUs. Take-off, hovering, and landing require the high power density, torque density, and efficiency of our Hiperco® stacks.


As a DFARS-compliant supplier, Carpenter Electrification’s investment in next-gen technology and production processes guarantees our forces have greater mobility, agility, survivability, and reliability. We provide the most innovative and efficient generators, APUs, transformer cores, and electric motors for aerial and ground drones.

Smaller Devices
Improved Responses
Losses 30% Lower

From battery life to driver size to component shielding, the end result depends on choosing the ideal alloy. Utilize our materials expertise, paired with the ability to rapidly develop prototypes and scale to production to be the first to market.

Compact and Ergonomic Tools
Highly Responsive Components
Low Loss Speed and High Speed Optimization

Improve patient outcomes with soft magnetic and corrosion-resistant alloys that can be used to create superior medical devices, equipment and surgical instruments. Carpenter Electrification’s material solutions allow for high speed and high power motors with significant weight reduction, responsiveness and minimal heat generation.

Applications Overview

Select List

  • Motors
  • Generators and APUs
  • Audio Voice Coils
  • Haptics and Micromotors
  • Shielding and Flux Focusing
  • Current Monitoring Systems and Battery Management
Torque 25% Higher
Power Density 30% Higher
Losses 30% Lower
Motor Size 30% Smaller

Using Carpenter Electrification’s soft magnetic alloys and stacks can increase motor torque and power and decrease motor sizes by 30%. From electric vehicles and eVTOLs to drones and robots, our stator and rotor stacks enable high performance motors. High torque and high frequency motors can be reduced in size and weight.

Higher Continuous Power
Produces Less Heat
Generator Size 30% Smaller

Carpenter Electrification’s high-performance alloys and stator and rotor stacks allow for smaller, lightweight designs without undermining the performance of generators and APUs. Soft magnetic alloys generate less heat to promote higher continuous power operation for prolonged use.

Size of Soft Magnet 30% Less
Weight of Permanent Magnet 17% Less
Battery Life 7% Increase

Magnetic alloy solutions reduce the size and weight of electromagnet components in speakers while also increasing performance. With Carpenter Electrification’s superior materials, users experience improved sound pressure level (SPL) and improved battery life for wireless devices.

Responsive Powerful Compact
Induction 40% Higher
Losses 30% Lower
Device Acceleration 15% Higher

Haptic feedback requires precise motor responses to simulate a range of tactile feedback. Carpenter Electrification’s alloy material solutions provide high induction and permeability for improved haptic designs and enhanced user experience.


Sensitive electronic parts and components need to be shielded from electromagnetic interference (EMI) for phones, wearables, and headsets to work properly. Soft magnetic alloys are used to form thin stampings that suppress, attenuate and mitigate disruptive magnetic fields.

Precise Output Up to 200 Degrees Celsius
Stable Productive Over Time
Very Low Thermal EMF

Battery management systems monitor the current and voltage to determine charge levels in electric vehicles. The resistors in the BMS must maintain a consistent resistance value at different operating temperatures to provide reliable feedback to the system. Carpenter Electrification offers Evanohm® R, a low-temperature coefficient of resistance alloy for accurate readout of battery charge.


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