Smaller Components and Higher Sound Pressure Level Audio Microspeakers

Unique audio solutions using Carpenter Electrification's soft magnetic alloys

Material optimization for increased performance and battery life

The miniaturization of electronics has created a demand for smaller and higher performing audio microspeakers. Our soft magnetic alloy solutions enable designers to reduce the size and weight of electromagnet components within speakers while also increasing performance. Material optimization leads to increased performance, such as improved sound pressure level (SPL) and improved battery life for wireless audio devices. Carpenter alloys have been used in a variety of micospeaker components, such as voice coils, top and bottom plates, reeds, biasing connectors, and shielding.

Microspeakers utilizing Hiperco® soft magnetic alloy solutions are more sound pressure level (SPL) dense and require less current to operate than steel-based magnetic assemblies. Designs with Hiperco can reduce the size and weight of the soft magnet and rare-earth permanent magnet by 30% and 17% respectively while reducing operating current for a 7% increase in battery life.

High-Performance Soft Magnetic Alloys for Peak Audio Response

Hiperco® 27

Carpenter Technology’s Hiperco 27 alloy provides high magnetic induction along with high thermal conductivity. This alloy is a good choice for speakers.

Hiperco® 50

Our Hiperco alloys provide the highest magnetic induction of any commercially available soft magnetic material while exhibiting high permeability and low core loss.

These iron-cobalt alloys offer nearly 25% higher induction and 30% lower losses than conventional electrical steel and are available in thicknesses from 0.1 to 0.5mm. Hiperco alloys work as flux concentrators in electromagnetic pole pieces for high flux applications such as audio voice coils.

High Permeability 49

Carpenter High Permeability 49 has very high magnetic permeability, low core losses, and good magnetic induction. It is easy to stamp and form compared to other high permeability soft magnetic alloys. Given the high permeability and good induction, this alloy is frequently used for audio components requiring a combination of sensitivity, fast response, and size reduction.

HyMu 80

Superior permeability and low core loss. An excellent choice for shielding in acoustic devices.

Learn How to Maximize Microspeaker Performance From Our Soft Magnetic Experts

Looking for material data sheets or more information on how our soft magnetic materials have improved performance in microspeakers and hearing aids? Visit our resource center to learn more from our experts with webinars, case studies, videos, and more available for download.

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