Hiperco® 50

Hiperco 50 is an iron-cobalt vanadium soft magnetic alloy that exhibits the highest magnetic saturation (24 kilogauss) of commercially available soft magnetic alloys while maintaining low core loss as compared to electrical steel. It helps improve motor power density and efficiency, and can reduce the size of the motor. Key benefits of this alloy include:

  • Low core loss compared to electrical steel
  • Mechanical strength
  • High magnetic saturation

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Hiperco® 50  Datasheet

Helping Motor and Generator Achieve Maximum Torque Density

This alloy is produced in strip, plate, and slab form and contains a small niobium addition to control grain growth during heat treatment, which allows for varying levels of mechanical strength and magnetic properties. It also offers the highest forces for actuators in consumer electronic applications, such as speaker, haptic, and sensor devices.