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Applications engineering support for motor design and integration combined with 80 years of soft magnetic alloy development and process expertise

Over 80 Years of Soft Magnetic Expertise at Work

Technical Expertise

We have been in the soft magnetic alloys business for over 80 years and our soft magnetic materials are used in generators, APUs, motors, and other high-performance applications across a variety of end markets. As a trusted partner, we collaborate on the development and integration of high-induction magnetic materials to support material breakthroughs which increase motor performance.

We have built an extensive set of technical resources, including metallurgical experts, alloy properties database, and processing knowledge library. These capabilities support the exploration of new, higher performance soft magnetic alloys. They also facilitate repeatable production and the flexibility to quickly address new requests and improvements. Our experts actively characterize and tailor the grain growth, strength, and magnetic properties of alloys to facilitate improved downstream processing and maximize stack performance.

Application Engineering Partnership For Optimal Performance

Application Design & Support

Performance is often impacted by assembly steps and dynamic effects in service. Proper methods should be used to ensure superior performing alloys result in superior product benefits. Our application engineers advise motor companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on options to realize the full benefits of the material and best performance of their motor, generator, or electronic device.

We work alongside customers to simulate and model new designs. This highlights the impact of material benefits and identifies impacts from other aspects of the design. Holistic improvements are targeted for stator and rotor design, motor assembly methods, and overall motor design.

High-Quality Stack Production With the Capability to Scale

Stack Prototyping and Production

Our expertise and advanced capabilities ensure our final products deliver optimal performance. We help optimize processing, from coating, laminating, and heat treating, to bonding, assembly, and testing. We even offer additive manufacturing of soft magnetic materials.

We understand the importance of rapid design iterations and prove out in the early stages of new product development. Our facilities and capabilities are organized to support prototyping. We pride ourselves on delivering quickly and have invested in multiple processing methods to provide the best balance of product performance and delivery.

Our systems equally support the rigors of production. Our industry-leading capacity of vacuum induction melting equipment delivers high volume production of high-performance alloys. Our characterization of various lamination and stack production methods is key in transitioning to higher volume processes without sacrificing performance. We support serial production at scale for applications with stringent requirements with our vacuum induction melting capacity, finishing, processing controls, quality system, and logistics programs.

Property Characterization to Ensure Optimal Performance


Our testing laboratories and capabilities cover the characterization of magnetic, mechanical, and dimensional properties from the beginning to the end of processing. Magnetic device performance is dictated by complex physical interactions that are uniquely influenced by each three-dimensional design. Our test program is built on the principle of accurately replicating magnetic testing of sheet properties in the final product design. Extensive characterization testing ensures optimal device performance, and correlation testing establishes suitable methods for production control.

Advanced testing of electric motors through various service conditions is the surest method to confirm performance. Our protocols, test capabilities, and network of partners support your need to ensure the reliable and optimal performance of your motor design.

Consistency Within and Across Production Lots


Carpenter Technology promotes industry-leading quality assurance, quality control, and operational excellence. Our robust Quality Management System (QMS) manual is a single-source guide used at all our sites worldwide and adheres to International Organization of Standards and SAE International methodologies of proven best practices, industry standards, and ongoing improvement initiatives. Our internal QMS is regularly audited and verified by independent certification authorities to prove compliance with various international, federal, and industry standards, including ISO, SAE, Nadcap, and Aerospace (AS) Standards.

With a focus on technology development that is fueled by analytical rigor, we have qualified, advanced equipment and processes for optimal rotor and stator stack performance. Quality assurance and control through our QMS ensures consistency within and across production lots. We are ISO9001 certified, DFARS compliant, and a trusted supplier to aerospace, defense, Transportation, consumer electronics, and medical OEMs.


Leading the Way in Stator and Rotor Stack Technology Development

Carpenter Technology has a long history supplying power-dense generators and motors to the aerospace industry and is leveraging this expertise to increase motor performance in the electrification revolution. Our application engineers work alongside motor designers to develop new power-dense motors that realize the full performance benefits of high magnetic induction alloys and are ready to scale. Our Soft Magnetic Center of Excellence in Reading, PA, USA houses research and processing experts and equipment focused on the advancement of lamination, heat treatment, assembly, bonding, and finishing processes, as well as advanced test methods to ensure optimal finished motor performance.

Get the Most From Your Application with High-Performance Materials and State-of-the-Art Production

We are alloy and stack technology leaders thanks to decades of experience. Our extensive capabilities cover the sourcing, qualifying, and supplying millions of laminations and ring core stacks every year.

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