The best soft magnetic materials power the most efficient more-electric aircraft

Our alloys have helped transport precious cargo for decades


The right stuff

The recent introduction of more-electric aircraft means the aerospace industry will depend on our soft magnetic materials even more to build aircraft with more power-dense on-board power generation systems.

The best soft magnetic alloys in the aerospace industry build state-of-the-art:

  • Aircraft integrated drive generators (IGDs)
  • Auxiliary power units (APUs)
  • Electric motors
  • Avionics

Helping critical aircraft sub-systems meet the mission with:

  • Higher power and torque density for size and weight reduction
  • Efficient power generation for improved fuel efficiency, maintenance and passenger comfort
  • Low core loss results in less heat generation - ideal for continuous, extended use
  • Longer motor and generator life reduces lifetime maintenance costs

No other alloys stack up

Stator and rotor lamination stacks made with our best-in-class Hiperco® and Hypocore® soft magnetic alloys enable optimized electric aircraft design:

  • Available for high-volume production — now
  • Built to spec at advanced manufacturing facilities

Our soft magnetic alloy experts bring you full-service support, from concept to production:

  • Prototyping
  • Design flexibility and optimization
  • Product ramp
  • Supply chain management

Our Hiperco® and Hypocore® alloys and stator and rotor stacks are available in high volume production to all industry specifications from state-of-the-art plants. Our full-service support covers prototyping, design flexibility and optimization, product ramp and supply chain management.



Generator Systems and Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)
Generator Systems and Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)

High-performance materials enable the design of smaller, electric machines without compromising on performance. Our materials enable the most power-dense, smallest, and lightest generators and APUs.

Casings, Rings, & Vanes
Casings, Rings, & Vanes

These non-rotating critical components must operate in extremely high temperatures while maintaining their strength.

Landing Gear
Structural Landing Gears

Customers require materials that can reliably withstand stresses induced under severe conditions. We offer a range of materials key to landing gear applications.

Airframe Fasteners
Airframe Fasteners

Fasteners add weight. On aircraft, the strength to weight ratio is critical. Meanwhile, quality is essential in no-fail situations that include temperature extremes, high pressures, stress and weight loads, and corrosion.

Additive Manufacturing
End-to-End Production

Partner with us for next-generation components created in our production facilities with powder lifecycle management and risk mitigation. Our end-to-end expertise in additive manufacturing enables us to consult at any stage in the process, adding value to your current additive manufacturing processes.

When stakes are high, work with us. The alternative can be costly.

Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys or how our existing top-performance materials can solve new design challenges. We foster long-term relationships to support risk-adverse innovation and explore advanced product applications together


Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys


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