Electrification Drives Efficiency for Flight

Soft magnetics enable more electric aircraft
electric parts and components in an airplane motor

Higher Power and Torque Density for Downsizing

We have been a strategic material provider to the aerospace industry from its inception, supplying high performance alloys for engines, structural components, fasteners and avionics.

Carpenter Electrification is the industry leader for high performance soft magnetic alloys used in aircraft generators, auxiliary power units (APUs) and electric motors. Our alloys offer higher power and torque density for the size and weight reduction of these critical aircraft sub-systems. Our products enable efficient power generation for more-electric aircraft, and the resulting benefits in fuel efficiency, maintenance and passenger comfort.

Our Hiperco® and Hypocore® alloys and stator and rotor stacks are available in high volume production to all industry specifications from state-of-the-art plants. Our full-service support covers prototyping, design flexibility and optimization, product ramp and supply chain management.

Increased Power-Density for Optimal Aircraft Performance

Traditional and More-Electric Aircraft

Modern commercial aircraft rely upon on-board electric power generation to operate critical flight systems. The recent introduction of more-electric aircraft for improved fuel efficiency, maintenance and comfort significantly increases the demand for electric power on the aircraft. The demands of flight dictate these power generation systems are extremely power-dense for optimal aircraft performance.

Our high-performance alloys and stator and rotor stacks enable the design of highly efficient and small, lightweight generators, APUs, and motors without compromising on performance. Higher power and torque delivery facilitate more power savings or more power generation. The experienced weight savings improve aircraft range and low core loss offers less heat generation, which is ideal for continuous, extended use. Increased motor and generator life also reduce lifetime maintenance costs. Carpenter Electrification is a proven, dependable supplier of high-performance Hiperco® alloys for these demanding applications.

Our Alloy Highlights

Hiperco® 50A

Highest magnetic induction with the lowest losses for stator applications in power-dense motors and generators 

Hiperco® 50

Highest magnetic induction and low losses with mechanical properties that can be tailored to meet both stator and rotor application needs 

Hiperco® 50HS

Highest magnetic induction and high yield strength. Tailored properties can meet demands for power dense, high speed motors. 


High magnetic induction and low losses for higher continuous power and higher efficiency motors. 

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