Hypocore is a low cobalt alternative to traditional thin-gage silicon steels. As compared to standard silicon steels, Hypocore exhibits superior properties, specifically high DC induction, low AC core loss, and low coercivity while exhibiting a magnetic saturation of 21 kilogauss. Key benefits of this alloy include:

  • Low AC core loss
  • High DC induction
  • Low coercivity

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HypoCore®  Datasheet

Never Ending Ability to Maintain High Resistivity

The alloy contains a researched and optimized combination of elements and processing parameters to increase electrical resistivity while maintaining high induction. Hypocore's high resistivity has been shown to increase efficiency due to limiting core losses at medium to high frequencies and higher induction results in smaller, more efficient EM machines. Laminations stamped from cold-rolled strip are recommended to be either stress relieved or fully annealed in a protective atmosphere or vacuum environment to promote peak operational performance.