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80 Years of Specialized Expertise Within Soft Magnetics Enabling the Electrification Revolution


Leading Electrification Material and Application Engineering Solutions

Carpenter Technology Corporation is a recognized leader in high-performance specialty alloy-based materials and process solutions for the most critical manufacturing challenges. Helping customers by transforming their manufacturing and material challenges into innovative, holistic, and scalable solutions, we continuously revolutionize material solutions to provide our customers a competitive advantage.

Carpenter Electrification brings this material expertise to the challenges of next-generation motors and electronics. We offer materials to support the most demanding design requirements and lamination stack production for tight tolerances to realize the full performance benefits of high magnetic induction alloys. Carpenter Electrification is committed to the future of electric vehicles and collaborates with customers on development, production and scaling of newly designed stator and rotor stacks for power dense motors.

Carpenter Technology: Our Purpose

Our driving force is to leverage our core technical strength in engineered materials and process capabilities to solve our customers' current and anticipated challenges. We will grow in market segments where we can provide differentiated and value-added solutions to complex problems. We will solidify our position as the industry leader by being the preferred solutions provider and providing our customers a competitive advantage.

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Looking for material data sheets or more information on how our soft magnetic materials have improved performance in electric systems? Visit our resource center to learn more from our experts with webinars, case studies, videos, and more available for download.

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The Areas of Excellence That Drive Our Business

Areas of excellence that drive our business

Our world-class R&D facilities and expert metallurgists create and advance high-quality specialty alloys for our customers. We offer experienced technical service engineers and technicians, metallurgists, and market specialists to customers to assist with material selection, specifications, properties, and fabrication characteristics.

Our unwavering dedication to innovative technology in these areas has been the cornerstone. One of our breakthroughs, developing soft magnetic alloys with exceptional performance for electrification applications, exemplifies our commitment to pushing past boundaries. By continually revolutionizing the industry, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our customers.

Combining our unique dedication to innovation with our robust history of technological advancements, we are proud to offer unparalleled service and solutions that set us apart. Trust in our legacy as we continue to shape the future of specialty alloys and advanced materials, solving today's and tomorrow's challenges.


We are focused on operational excellence throughout our entire organization, including the safety and compliance of all employees. Our organization continues to develop, execute, and improve standards of work, systematic thinking, problem-solving, and waste elimination in order to provide greater value to customers.

Our advanced production capabilities are among the most comprehensive in the world with melting operations including Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM), Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR), and ElectoSlag Remelting (ESR). The integrated mill operating system across all Carpenter Technology operational facilities allows for the production of hundreds of specialty alloys including soft magnetics, superalloys, stainless steels, alloy steels, tool steels, and titanium in a range of product forms.

Protecting people and the environment is part of everything we do. Our goal is to eliminate injuries, prevent adverse environmental and health impacts, minimize wastes and emissions, and promote resource conservation in all aspects of our business.


At Carpenter Electrification, we're dedicated to forging a greener tomorrow. Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in Carpenter Technology's comprehensive environmental efforts. Through innovative solutions, energy-efficient practices, and responsible resource management, we're shaping the future of electrification while minimizing our ecological impact. Discover how we're driving change today.


The result of decades of materials expertise is the ability of our engineers, metallurgists, and market specialists to consistently help customers solve complex problems. Our team partners with customers to anticipate challenges and build solutions. We are focused on broadening applications, identifying industry needs, and commercializing new technologies that help our customers compete in a changing world.


For over 130 years, Carpenter Technology Corporation has engineered materials for the world's most demanding and critical environments. Industry leadership is a direct result of the expertise of our employees. With high industry expectations for material performance, it is crucial to employ high-performance staff at all levels of the organization. Everyone on our team is focused on being the preferred solutions provider to enable customers' competitive advantage.


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