Best-in-Class Materials for Power and Torque-Dense Generators and APUs

    Higher power and torque-density to enable greater power generation and compact design

    a high performance electric generator

    High-Induction Alloys to Increase Performance and Decrease Size

    Higher power and torque delivery facilitate increased power generation. Our high-performance alloys and stator and rotor stacks for generators and auxiliary power units (APUs) enable smaller, lightweight designs without compromising on performance. Soft magnetic alloys with low core loss generate less heat to facilitate higher continuous power operation for extended use. Lower motor temperatures also increase the lifespan and decrease maintenance costs.

    Aircraft generator and APU designs operate at a standard frequency of 400Hz. The electrical power output and size requirements for generators at this frequency are typically obtained with 0.15mm thick iron-cobalt alloys. With more-electric aircraft, the industry is moving toward higher frequency 800Hz on-board electrical systems that require thinner laminations to minimize core losses and deliver reliable, compact, and high-efficiency generators. Our stator and rotor stack processing techniques are engineered for laminations under 0.15mm thick to meet demanding needs.

    High-Volume Alloy Production to Aerospace Industry Specifications

    Hiperco® 50

    Our Hiperco alloys provide the highest magnetic induction of any commercially available soft magnetic material while exhibiting high permeability and low core loss. These iron-cobalt alloys offer nearly 25% higher induction and 30% lower losses than conventional electrical steel.

    Hiperco alloys set the standard for aircraft generators and APUs, with a combination of maxi Some aircraft generators couple mum torque and power density and low losses. They help improve efficiency and typically reduce the size and weight of the generator.

    High-Volume Alloy Production to Aerospace Industry Specifications

    Hiperco® 50HS

    A high-magnetic-saturation alloy with a unique combination of high yield strength and moderate core loss. Capable of producing a higher yield strength than conventional Hiperco 50 alloy. It has been used primarily in laminations for high-speed generators and magnetic bearings. Rotors produced from Hiperco 50HS meet demanding strength requirements with minimal sacrifice of magnetic performance. Their high power density enables the miniaturization of generators under these operating conditions.

    High-Volume Alloy Production to Aerospace Industry Specifications


    Carpenter Technology’s Hypocore offers high magnetic induction and low losses. This alloy offers 3-4% higher induction and 15-20% lower core losses than the conventional electrical steel.

    These properties result in higher torque, higher continuous power, lower heat generation during operation for easy thermal management, and significantly increased generator life as compared to electrical steels.

    a couple stators and rotors for electric motors

    Stator and Rotor Stacks From Prototype to Production

    Carpenter Technology’s decades-long expertise in specialized materials and stack processing offers unique high-performance stack solutions for our customers. Our engineers have a deep understanding of the structure-property relationships along with knowledge in various processing technologies. Lack of expert knowledge of iron-cobalt stack processing can result in rotors and stators that perform only marginally better than standard electrical steel. Our alloys and stack manufacturing methods for dimensional control, high-strength, and tailored magnetic properties support the most demanding generator and APU design requirements and production tolerances and offer the stack responses you need.


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