Powerful materials for efficient energy solutions

High-permeability, high-induction alloys for demanding energy applications

Next-generation power generation

Our portfolio of soft magnetic alloys and manufactured lamination stacks maximize the efficiency of energy production and transmission with industry-leading magnetic induction and the lowest core losses. Our high-performance materials enable stewardship of non-renewable resources and the development of viable green technologies.

Compact motors reduce replacement operating expenses

Electric Submersible Pumps

Built to last

Electric submersible pumps are efficient, high-volume pumps that maximize the recovery of oil and gas reservoirs.

Stator and rotor stacks made with our best-in-class Hiperco® and Hypocore® alloys enable rigless deployment technologies that minimize pump replacement costs in offshore and remote locations.

  • Higher power density and torque
  •  Compact designs
  • More reliable performance

Magnetic fields tailored to application needs

Offshore Wind Power Generators

Powering green technologies

The high cost of installation and maintenance for offshore wind turbines require maximized power output from each unit.

Whether variable speed or direct-drive generators, high magnetic saturation and permeability alloys create magnetic fields tailored to your application’s needs. Our soft magnetic alloy portfolio enables more efficient power generation, leading to increased revenue per turbine. 

Minimize Energy Loss in Transmission

Transformers for Power Transmission

Offshore turbines use transformers to step up voltage for intermediate transmission and inland substations further increase voltage for long-distance transmission. Our efficient soft magnetic alloy solutions minimize energy loss and maximize return on fixed assets. 



Turbine Blades & Discs
Electric Motor Stators & Rotors

Oil & gas motors for ESPs and downhole tools require high motor power and torque density. Reducing tool size improves the economics and safety of offshore services. Our high-induction soft magnetic alloys and stacks make electric motors smaller, lighter, and more powerful.

Subsea Drilling Equipment
Generator Stators & Rotors

The large generators in wind turbines operate at low speeds to create electricity. Reducing generator size can improve the economics of offshore systems. Our high-induction alloys and stacks are highly responsive at low speeds and make generators smaller, lighter, and more efficient.

Artificial Lift
Transformer Cores

High induction soft magnetic alloys solve the space, weight, and power challenges for transformer cores in compact specialty and embedded power conversion systems.

Innovative materials engineered for energy applications.

For our customers in the Energy Exploration and Production (E&P) and Power Generation industries, we improve system integrity and durability, extending component operating life to lower the total cost of ownership. Our diverse materials portfolio of over 300 grades of specialty alloys, superalloys, stainless steels, titanium, and metal powders make it possible.  

These expertly engineered and manufactured alloys offer superior reliability and performance, making them popular choices for use in steam, gas, and wind turbines as well as a variety of other precision components employed by the E&P industry, renewable, and nuclear power generation systems. 


Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys


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