Electrification Meets Additive

Utilizing additive manufacturing expertise to advance soft magnetic electrification

Material and process expertise for advanced applications

Building on Carpenter Technology’s history of over 130 years of material expertise, our Additive Manufacturing and Electrification experts bring together these two disruptive technologies. Customers benefit from the combined knowledge of soft magnetic materials and their sensitivity during stack production with end-to-end additive manufacturing capabilities.

Our advanced additive manufacturing methods allow us to work with your design team to create complex geometries for power electronic components such as stators, rotors, inductors, and transformers while still preserving the industry-leading magnetic induction properties needed for high-performance applications.

High-Performance Soft Magnetic Alloys for Peak Audio Response

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Hiperco® 50

Our Hiperco® alloys provide the highest magnetic induction of any commercially available soft magnetic material while exhibiting high permeability and low core loss.  

Hiperco 50 features high saturation with low D.C. coercive force and A.C. core loss. It can be additively manufactured with powder bed fusion with properties similar to wrought for shielding and A.C./D.C. applications, as well as monolithic devices with complex shapes such as axial flux motors. 


A heat-treatable copper alloy with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, C18200 can be integrated into magnetic systems as a cooling/heat dissipation and electrical conduction material. It offers good strength and corrosion resistance.

C18200 can be processed in laser powder bed fusion technologies to densities greater than 99.5% and heat treated to improve thermal and electrical performance to greater than 80% of IACS. It is often used in load-bearing thermal and electrical components such as welding equipment, circuit breakers, and heat exchangers.

End-to-End Additive Manufacturing Expertise

Take advantage of our colleagues at Carpenter Additive, a fully integrated metal additive manufacturing (AM) partner. We work with customers to integrate our soft magnetic material advantages throughout their additive production. Success with industrial metal 3D printing requires material expertise and Carpenter Technology has over a century of experience precisely engineering and controlling material microstructures and is at the forefront of scaling AM to qualified production in critical industries.

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