Hiperco® 27

Hiperco 27 is an iron-cobalt-chromium soft magnetic alloy possessing the highest degree of ductility and toughness in the commercially available iron-cobalt grades of high saturation soft magnetic alloys. Key benefits of this allot are:

  • Ductility and toughness
  • Magnetic saturation close to Hiperco 50
  • Less brittle than Hiperco 50

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Hiperco® 27  Datasheet

Consistently Sustaining Alloy Toughness

Although the permeability and coercive force of Hiperco 50 are better than Hiperco 27, the magnetic saturation of both alloys is similar. In addition, Hiperco 27 does not exhibit the brittleness of Hiperco 50. Hiperco 27 has been used in applications requiring a combination of good mechanical toughness, good ductility, and high saturation induction. Examples have included motors, generators, pole pieces, relays, and magnetic bearings.