Solutions for High-Efficiency and Responsive Motors for Medical Equipment

Soft magnetic alloys for high-performance surgical tools, surgical robots, and medical ventilators
operating room for surgery

Trusted Performance to Improve Patient Outcomes

Carpenter Technology leads the industry in high-strength, corrosion-resistant, biocompatible metal alloys that enable high-quality medical devices, implants and surgical instruments.We continue investing to strengthen our foothold as a strategic material provider to the medical industry with an emphasis on orthopedic, cardiology and medical equipment applications.

The Carpenter Electrification portfolio of soft magnetic alloys and stacks is available in high volume production to industry specifications from our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. For the enhanced performance of surgical drills, bone saws and power tools, and robotic systems, our material solutions enable the delivery of high torque and power along with significant weight reduction, high responsiveness and minimal heat generation.

High-power for Compact and Responsive Surgical Equipment

Handheld Surgical Tools

Lightweight tools are preferred by surgeons and high-power facilitates cleaner, faster cutting and removal during surgical procedures. The sensitivity and responsiveness of bone saws and surgical drills are highly important to surgeons, as well. Soft magnetic alloy and motor stack solutions from Carpenter Electrification enable high motor speeds with low vibration and noise. While creating higher torque and power, our alloys have low core loss for lower heat generation and extended use in the operating theater. Our high-performance materials also enable the design of smaller, compact tools that improve visibility of the surgical site without compromising on performance.

Compact Instruments to Enable Minimally Invasive Procedures

Surgical Robots

As the use of surgical robotic platforms expands they require increasingly small instrumentation as well as compact and responsive motors to enable minimally invasive procedures. Our soft magnetic alloys enable the design of smaller instrumentation and motors without compromising peak performance. Next-generation robotic systems can be designed to deliver the required performance in a small form-factor to reduce weight and create space savings within the operating theater.

Power and Efficiency for Compact, Portable Designs


Medical ventilators demand consistent, repeatable performance that readily synchronizes with the patient’s breathing effort. Soft magnetic alloys with high induction are used in linear actuators for highly responsive supply line control valves to regulate inhalation and exhalation. Ventilator blowers are powered by motors that use stator and rotor stacks produced from high permeability Carpenter Electrification alloys. These high speed motors are powerful, efficient, have low noise and support compact, portable ventilator designs.

Our Alloy Highlights

High Permeability 49

High magnetic permeability and good magnetic induction. A great alloy for high-efficiency motor design for power tools for surgical applications and robotics. 

HyMu 80

Superior permeability and low core loss. The choice for ultra-efficient power tools for surgical applications and robotics.

Hiperco® 50

Very high magnetic induction and good magnetic permeability. Ideally suited for power-and torque-dense designs, enabling smaller, lighter power tools for surgical applications and robotics. 

Silicon Core Iron B-FM

An economical core iron with high magnetic induction in free machining bar form. Commonly used for ventilators, solenoids, and actuators.

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