Haptic Motors with High Acceleration for Optimal Touch and Feedback

High-induction, high-permeability alloys offer higher force improving haptic device sensitivity and power consumption

Solutions for Smaller and Higher-Performance Haptic Engines

Haptic actuation devices are an increasingly powerful communication tool with users of augmented and virtual reality, and in everyday applications like cellphones and health monitoring devices. Micromotors require power dense solutions allowing torque increase or size reduction. Our soft magnetic alloys offer nearly 40% higher induction and significantly higher permeability, allowing up to 15% higher device acceleration. This can improve the user experience through better touch response and sensory feedback Designers can also realize significant power savings and product miniaturization. Our corrosion-resistant alloys offer consistently high permeability to maintain consistency over any batch-to-batch performance variations for reliable performance.

Improving User Experience with High-Performance Alloys

Hiperco® 50

Hiperco alloys provide the highest magnetic induction of any commercially available soft magnetic material while exhibiting high permeability and low core loss.

These iron-cobalt alloys offer nearly 25% higher induction and 30% lower losses. Up to 15% higher acceleration for haptic motors can be achieved to enable better user interaction while saving battery power.

Hiperco® 27

Our Hiperco 27 alloy provides high magnetic induction along with high thermal conductivity. This alloy is a good choice for haptic engine actuators, speakers, and motor generators.


Hypocore offers high magnetic induction and low losses. This alloy offers 3-4% higher induction and 15-20% lower core losses than the conventional electrical steel. These properties result in higher acceleration and device power savings.

Chrome Core® 13-XP

Chrome Core 13-XP has superior corrosion resistance along with consistently higher permeability than the competition grades. It can be a good choice for haptic devices to maintain batch to batch performance consistency.

Learn How to Maximize Performance From Our Soft Magnetic Experts

Looking for material data sheets or more information on how our soft magnetic materials can improve the performance of haptics and other components in electric devices? Visit our resource center to learn more from our experts with webinars, case studies, videos, and more available for download.

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