Ideally suited for Urban Air Mobility

Torque dense and power dense stacks enable more-electric air taxis, hybrid and full-electric aircraft
eVTOL Aircraft

Enabling Efficient Motors and Propulsion Systems for Critical, High Power Flight Operations

Urban air mobility will revolutionize travel within metropolitan areas by offering sustainable, fast and convenient point-to-point transit. Electric motors are ideally suited for air taxis and regional air mobility airplanes. They offer quiet operation and high efficiency during the high torque, high power take-off, hover, and landing operations, This is particularly critical for UAM and RAM as those operations account for a considerable percentage of the overall flight time.

Carpenter Electrification is the industry leader for high performance soft magnetic alloys used in aircraft generators, auxiliary power units (APUs).  Our alloy stacks offer higher power and torque density for the size and weight reduction of the electric motors used for propulsion. Our products can enable a number of additional benefits in the motor and propulsion system design including improved response, lower thermal stress, direct drive reliability, downsized battery pack, and longer range and endurance. 

Our Hiperco® and Hypocore® alloys and stator and rotor stacks are available in high volume production to all industry specifications from state-of-the-art plants. Our full-service support  covers prototyping, design flexibility and optimization, product ramp and supply chain management.

Hybrid and Full-Electric Aircraft

Hybrid and Full-Electric Aircraft

Electric aircraft and urban air mobility represent the next revolution in air travel. These systems promise greater flexibility, convenience and cleanliness for travel. Programs for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, e-copters, hover bikes, flying cars, and hybrid and full-electric airplanes are expected to commercialize over the coming decade.  

Whether for electric power generation or propulsion, optimal power density is vital for the success of aircraft electrification. These aircraft require generators and motors with very high power output while minimizing size and weight. Our high-induction Hiperco® alloys enable the design of power and torque-dense motors and generators to help optimize aircraft designs.

Next generation aircraft programs are adopting high frequency architectures for greater power density.  Our advanced stator and rotor stack manufacturing capabilities enable the use of thin Hiperco® laminations for these designs. These low core loss stacks are ideal for the continuous power operation and lower operating temperatures of high speed motors and generators.

Our Alloy Highlights

Hiperco® 50A

Highest magnetic induction with the lowest losses for stator applications in power-dense motors and generators 

Hiperco® 50

Highest magnetic induction and low losses with mechanical properties that can be tailored to meet both stator and rotor application needs 

Hiperco® 50HS

Highest magnetic induction and high yield strength. Tailored properties can meet demands for power dense, high speed motors. 


High magnetic induction and low losses for higher continuous power and higher efficiency motors. 

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