Best-in-Class Materials for Best-in-Class Electronic Devices

High-performance, high-induction, high-permeability, and low-loss soft magnetic alloys for device performance benefits, miniaturization, and product development flexibility
Hiperco table showing the performance benefits of Carpenter Electrification parts

The Power to Scale for Global Electronics OEMs

Electronics companies face rapid innovation cycles, complex value chain integration and extreme competitive intensity. Carpenter Electrification prides ourselves on being a collaborative partner, leveraging our deep materials expertise to assist in bringing technical aspirations to life. Our speed to prototype and scale matches the pace of this dynamic industry so our customers can be first to market with new products.

From increased force for haptic actuation to magnetic shielding and flux concentration to better sound and smaller speakers, our materials drive performance benefits for a range of consumer electronics. Our high-induction, high-permeability alloys help improve haptic actuation force for differentiation in subtle touches and sensory feedback, and help improve sound pressure level density to enable speaker miniaturization. Our high-permeability alloys help offer effective shielding while our high-induction alloys enhance flux concentration. Designers can utilize these benefits while also capitalizing on battery power savings through increased performance.

Improved User Experience and Power Savings

Smart Phones and Wearables

The continuing advancement of augmented and virtual reality is increasingly making haptic actuation devices a powerful sensory tool for users. Our Hiperco® alloys offer 40% higher induction and significantly higher permeability, allowing an increase of up to 15% in device acceleration. This can improve the user experience through better touch response and sensory feedback. Designers can also realize significant power savings and product miniaturization. Our corrosion-resistant Chrome Core® alloys offer an alternative for high reliability in more demanding ambient operating environments.

Carpenter Electrification alloys are also used to improve the overall operation of electronic devices. Our resistance alloys have low TCR and are highly stable. They are used in battery management systems for accurate readings throughout charging and operating cycles. Our soft magnetics alloys have also been used for shielding and flux focusing to resolve magnetic interference issues inherent in certain highly compact designs.

Higher Sound Pressure Levels for Improved Audio Output


The progression of miniaturization of electronics and upward demand for multimedia technology requires smaller microspeakers with improved audio output. The magnetic circuit of the device is a key constraint in the size reduction of consumer electronic devices. Designers that partner with us can optimize their applications for smaller and lighter acoustic transducers with similar power levels, or create more powerful transducers of a similar size.

Microspeakers utilizing Hiperco® soft magnetic alloy solutions are more sound pressure level (SPL) dense and require less current to operate than steel-based magnetic assemblies. Microspeaker designs using Hiperco can reduce the size and weight of the soft magnet and rare-earth permanent magnet by 30% and 17% respectively while reducing operating current for a 7% increase in battery life.

Compact and Lightweight Sound Amplification

Hearing Aids

Given their nature as an assist device, hearing aids must function across varying and unpredictable audio inputs while providing exceptional sound amplification and clarity. Users also want a device that is compact and lightweight. To meet these needs hearing aid acoustic designers utilize very high permeability soft magnetic alloys in their dynamic drivers.

Our high permeability iron-nickel based alloys offer different combinations of properties suited for components in high fidelity systems. High Permeability 49 has good magnetic induction and provides excellent response and miniaturization. HyMu 80 has exceptional permeability and is well suited for shielding to insulate and isolate these critical components.

Our Alloy Highlights

Hiperco® 50

Highest magnetic induction with good permeability and low core losses. Hiperco 50 enables highly compact designs without sacrificing performance.

Hiperco® 27

High magnetic saturation induction with greater ductility and toughness for applications requiring a combination of good magnetic and mechanical performance.

High Permeability 49

High magnetic permeability and good magnetic induction for a combination of fast response with size and weight reduction.

HyMu 80

Superior permeability and low core loss. An excellent choice for shielding in electric and acoustic devices, and for ultra-fast response in electric circuits.

Evanohm® R

Resistance alloy with low TCR and high thermal stability for more precise regulation of voltage and current for sensors and battery management systems.

Better Sound, Smaller Speakers.
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