Prevent Interference From Magnetic Fields

High permeability alloys for optimized shielding of electronic components

Take Control of Magnetic Fields to Optimize Performance

Unwanted electromagnetic fields can have negative effects on device and system performance requiring applications with sensitive devices to be shielded from electromagnetic interference. Similarly, applications aiming to contain an electromagnetic field within an area must ensure that the fields are enclosed and do not affect the outside environment. The use of soft magnetic alloys allows for the suppression, attenuation, and mitigation of such fields. With correct design and selection of high permeability and high saturation soft magnetic materials the electromagnetic interference (EMI) in your application can be reduced to meet your electromagnetic compliance (EMC) needs.

Whether containing electromagnetic fields within a defined space or shielding an area from harmful electromagnetic interference, our carefully designed, high-permeability, high-saturation alloys give you the control you need to meet your applications electromagnetic needs and constraints.

High-Performance Alloys for Shielding and Flux Focusing

HyMu 80

HyMu 80 has superior permeability to attract waves for effective absorption and low core loss. Given the very high permeability, HyMu 80 is a good candidate for magnetic shielding and sensors. 

High Permeability 49

High Permeability 49 has very high magnetic  permeabilitylow core losses, and good magnetic inductionGiven the high permeability, this alloy is frequently used for magnetic shielding and sensor applications. 


 Our Hiperco® alloys have high saturation induction for niche applications with extremely high field strengths. These iron-cobalt alloys offer nearly 25% higher induction and 30% lower losses than conventional electrical steel.

Let’s Engineer Your Solution Together

Our team of material experts and application engineers understand the nuances of soft magnetic performance. We partner with customers to optimize drop-in solutions, design
new components, and tailor specifications for performance. Consult with us to find the solution offering the strength and ductility necessary to form your part.

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