Evanohm® R

EVANOHM R is principally a resistance alloy possessing a standard temperature coefficient of ±10 parts per million per °C and a very low thermal EMF versus copper in heavy sizes. It also displays high tensile strength in fine sizes, high corrosion resistance and is nonmagnetic. Key benefits of this alloy include:

  • High electrical resistivity
  • Very low TCR
  • Tunable TCR with tampering

Download Datasheet

Evanohm® R  Datasheet

Helping to Maintain a High Thermal Stability

EVANOHM R is exceptionally stable (1 to 15 microhms per year). While many other alloys are susceptible to precipitation hardening which changes electrical properties unpredictably, the resistivity of EVANOHM R always increases during heat treatment. Once obtained, its resistivity does not change significantly even when it is used at temperatures as high as 204°C (400 °F).