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Soft Magnetics Push Performance

03 Nov, 2021
Next-generation iron-cobalt alloys and novel process technologies drive peak stack performance for power- and torque-dense e-motors Motor designers...


29 Sep, 2021
Over the last few years supercars began to use electric motors as an alternative to internal combustion engines. We all take notice at the roar of an...

Thinner Laminations for Higher Continuous Power - High Performance, High Speed Motors

12 May, 2021
Enhanced power density and torque density are critical for high-performance motors. E-mobility vehicle designers must carefully consider weight and...

Power-Dense Motors With Iron-Cobalt Alloys for Zero-Emission Trucks

07 Jan, 2021
Electrification of passenger vehicles is becoming a reality. Battery prices have dropped from $1100/kWh in 2010 to $156/kWh, with the numbers of ...

Video: Hiperco® Soft Magnetic Alloys

14 Jul, 2020
Hiperco® Soft Magnetic Alloys: The Choice for High-Torque and Power-Dense Motors As devices become smaller, faster, and more efficient, the...

Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing (FEMM) Industrial Partner

03 Jul, 2020
Carpenter Electrification Joins the Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing Hub Carpenter Technology Corporation has joined the Future Electrical...

Carpenter Electrification Sponsors WEMPEC

02 Jul, 2020
Carpenter Electrification Sponsors WEMPEC through University of Wisconsin  Carpenter Technology supports the Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power...

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