Optimizing Linear Motor Performance for Demanding Environments

In modern engineering and automation, the demands placed on linear motors are increasingly rigorous, especially in applications that require the highest precision, efficiency, and productivity. At Carpenter Electrification, we understand that the key to optimizing linear motor performance lies in the materials and technologies used. Our Hiperco® stacks stand at the forefront of this innovation, proving their worth in the harshest of settings.

The Challenges of Linear Motors in Demanding Settings

Linear motors are the backbone of many industrial applications, providing the precision and control necessary for high-performance automation. The manufacturing of advanced electronics, such as semiconductors and flat panel displays, is perhaps the most demanding of all. As features get smaller and smaller, equipment such as lithography, patterning, laser processing, and inspection systems must be extremely precise to produce defect free chips and parts. 

At the same time, there is a constant push for production equipment with higher productivity and efficiency for improved unit economics. Semiconductor processing equipment typically has stages (or similar moving components) that must accelerate and decelerate extremely quickly to change direction many times in a second, while arriving at the desired position with unwavering accuracy.  Designing linear motors and similar components to position these stages is not a trivial challenge. Scientific and laboratory equipment often have similar requirements. 

Key Components for Optimization for Precision and Productivity 

The key to performance starts with the selection of materials and components.  Linear motors work similarly to rotary motors, but with a flat stator and mover rather than a cylindrical stator and rotor. The  stator consists of copper wire wound around a soft magnetic core. Iron-cobalt alloys, such a Hiperco® 50, have superior magnetic performance.  

These soft magnetic alloys offer up to 25% higher saturation induction, four times higher permeability, and about 30% lower core losses than conventional electrical steel. Their ability to consistently deliver high levels of magnetic performance across a range of operating temperatures is an ideal choice for linear motors in challenging environments.

Hiperco® Stacks Enable Peak Performance

At Carpenter Electrification, our Hiperco® stacks are engineered to offer superior performance where it matters most. These stacks are all about maintaining precision and efficiency in the face of adversity. Superior stack performance facilitates the development of linear motors that are more powerful, more responsive, accelerate faster, are smaller, and more efficient, optimizing component performance to meet growing demands. It underscores the potential for these materials to use less energy per hour of production. It also enables more compact motors, which frees up space and provides access for other necessary components and more optimal equipment cooling strategies. Most importantly, it provides throughput and productivity advantages while maintaining uncompromising precision and accuracy.

A Holistic Approach to Environment-Resistant Linear Motion

Achieving optimal performance requires more than just selecting the suitable materials. It involves a holistic approach to design, feedback mechanisms, and maintenance strategies. Incorporating Hiperco® stacks into the motor design enhances its resilience. Coupling this with advanced feedback systems ensures that the motor can adjust to varying environmental conditions in real time. Regular maintenance and monitoring further extend the motor's lifespan, ensuring it continues operating at peak efficiency at all times.

Partnering with Experts for Optimal Implementations

The journey to optimal linear motor performance is complex and multifaceted. At Carpenter Electrification, we partner with industry experts to ensure that our Hiperco®stacks are not just a component but a part of a comprehensive solution. From the initial design phase to implementation and beyond, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and challenges. This collaborative approach allows us to tailor solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

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Learn More About Hiperco®Stacks

In the face of demanding requirements, the performance and durability of our stator and mover stacks for your linear motors is paramount. With Carpenter Electrification's Hiperco® stacks, businesses have a solution that meets these challenges head-on,  delivering the highest levels of performance and precision. Our commitment to innovation and a holistic approach to design and implementation ensures that our clients can rely on us for solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible. In a world where the ever-increasing demands on technology, our stacks are ready to meet and exceed those challenges.

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