The Carpenter Electrification Difference in High Performance Solutions

Combining over a century of heritage with a passion for innovation, our team at Carpenter Electrification has emerged as a leader in advanced electrification solutions. Our commitment to pioneering advancements in electrification sets us apart, making us the industry's 800-lb gorilla in both legacy and emerging markets.

Let's take a closer look at what sets us apart. 

A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

Since our inception in 1889, Carpenter Electrification has been at the forefront of metal processing and electrification. We produced the high-performance alloys used during the inaugural flight in Kitty Hawk, the first overseas flights, countless conflicts, and the space race. Since then, our extensive experience in mission-critical applications, such as jet engines, underpins our advanced solutions in the electric vehicle and aircraft markets, setting a benchmark for excellence and innovation.

Unparalleled Material Expertise

For over 80 years, we've excelled at innovating soft magnetic alloys. Our flagship Hiperco 50 iron-cobalt alloy, a staple commercial aircraft engine motors and generators, exemplifies our industry-leading material expertise. With a diverse portfolio of over 500 alloys and a strong team of over 200 metallurgy, research and development (R&D), and applications experts, we are committed to delivering materials that redefine industry standards in performance and efficiency. 

And it shows — our deep-rooted expertise in metallurgy and electrification is evident in every product we create, from high-performance soft magnetic alloys to advanced stator and rotor stacks.

Diverse Markets and Applications

We don't just offer our expertise to a single industry or application. Carpenter Electrification caters to a broad spectrum of markets, including electric aircraft, electric vehicles, aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, medical devices, energy, and industrial sectors. Our solutions, characterized by 20-30% higher power density, up to 15% increase in torque, and a significant reduction in motor size, revolutionize these sectors with enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

End-to-End Production Excellence

Our production capabilities span from design prototypes to high-volume production, focusing on quality and precision. From melting to finishing to testing, our in-house capabilities meet the highest standards, providing customers with exceptional products and services. Our shorter lead times and schedule flexibility ensure we're always ready to meet your needs.

Application Engineering Partnership for Optimal Performance

Our application engineers collaborate closely with motor companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), providing insights and advice to maximize the benefits of our materials. We understand that performance is influenced by assembly methods and operating conditions, and we're here to ensure that our high-performance materials translate into superior product benefits.

Quality: Our Core Promise

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our in-house production, from primary melting to refining to Continuous Grain Orientation (CGO), hot rolling to cold rolling, cutting, assembling, and bonding, allows for lesser variance in end properties, ensuring the highest quality stacks. Our in-house testing capabilities, backed by certifications from regulatory agencies like the FAA, further solidify our commitment to excellence.

Our Big Ideas: Shaping the Future of Electrification

Our vision is driven by concepts like “Electrification Fully Integrated” and “Performance at Scale.” These ideas embody our commitment to delivering maximum performance and high-volume production, enabling ambitious projects to come to fruition.

Tailored Solutions for Revolutionary Designs

We deliver solutions tailored to the unique needs of each market segment, from electric vehicles and aircraft to defense and medical applications. Our products are designed to elevate performance, address complex challenges in soft magnetics, and transform next-gen EV designs into reality.

Carpenter Electrification vs. The Competition

When compared with our competitors, our distinct advantages in the global market are even more evident: 

  • Global Presence and Workforce: With approximately 4,000 employees globally, Carpenter Electrification has a significant presence in the industry. This expansive footprint enhances our ability to serve a diverse range of markets and customers, setting us apart from competitors with a more limited geographical reach.
  • The Most Diverse Alloy Portfolio: As noted, our extensive portfolio exceeds 500 alloys, including nickel-based, cobalt-based, stainless steels, and soft magnetic alloys. Supported by our expert R&D staff, metallurgy, R&D, and applications staff, you are sure to find the ideal alloy solution for your application.
  • Market Leadership: Aviation experts prefer our Hiperco 50 alloy for its consistency, dependability, and unmatched performance. It is used in the aircraft generators and APUs on nearly every commercial airplane in operation today.
  • Comprehensive Capabilities: Carpenter Electrification offers comprehensive services from design prototypes to large-scale production. This approach ensures close collaboration with our customers throughout the production process.
  • Shorter Lead Times: Our in-house processing, from primary melting through finished stack, offers shorter lead times and larger batch capacity, providing unmatched production efficiency. Your new product designs will reach the market faster and with the certainty of the highest level of quality and performance.
  • Superior Quality Assurance: We have advanced equipment and testing protocols that surpass established industry standards for alloys and stacks. Our QC testing and QA certifications, like AS9100, a prestigious standard for quality management systems in the aerospace industry, bolster our commitment to quality. This level of assurance sets us apart from the competition.

Your Partner for Electrification 

Choosing Carpenter Electrification means partnering with an industry leader committed to pushing the boundaries of electrification. With our extensive track record, commitment to quality, and focus on innovation, we are uniquely positioned to help you realize your electrification ambitions. Reach out to explore how we can transform your big ideas into groundbreaking realities.

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