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Soft Magnetic Experts: From Melt to Lamination Stacks

20 Jan, 2021
Carpenter Technology has spent over half of its 130 years of existence in perfecting the processing of soft magnetic materials with the highest...

Power-Dense Motors With Iron-Cobalt Alloys for Zero-Emission Trucks

07 Jan, 2021
Electrification of passenger vehicles is becoming a reality. Battery prices have dropped from $1100/kWh in 2010 to $156/kWh, with the numbers of ...

Soft Magnetic Alloys Bridging Markets in the Fight Against COVID-19

14 Dec, 2020
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created unanticipated challenges throughout the year, including throughout the industrial supply chain. However,...

Webinar: Power-Dense Motor Solution Enables Faster, Longer-Range Drones

20 Nov, 2020
Battlefield Advantage: Power-Dense Motor Solution Enables Faster, Longer-Range DronesWednesday, December 9th 2020, 1 PM (EST) / 12:30 PM (PDT) ...

Webinar: Smaller, Lighter and Decibel Dense Microspeakers

12 Oct, 2020
Smaller, Lighter and Decibel Dense Microspeakers for Consumer Electronics Using Advanced Magnetic AlloysWednesday October 21st 2020, 3:30 PM (EDT) /...

Increased Torque? Smaller Battery? More Range?

18 Aug, 2020
Do you want increased range or a smaller battery? More torque to accelerate or do you want to save power? Would you rather have an alloy that...

Video: Hiperco® Soft Magnetic Alloys

14 Jul, 2020
Hiperco® Soft Magnetic Alloys: The Choice for High-Torque and Power-Dense Motors As devices become smaller, faster, and more efficient, the...

Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing (FEMM) Industrial Partner

03 Jul, 2020
Carpenter Electrification Joins the Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing Hub Carpenter Technology Corporation has joined the Future Electrical...

Carpenter Electrification Sponsors WEMPEC

02 Jul, 2020
Carpenter Electrification Sponsors WEMPEC through University of Wisconsin  Carpenter Technology supports the Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power...

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