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Hiperco Soft Magnetic Alloy Overview | Video

28 Apr, 2021
  As electronic devices continue to become smaller, lighter, and faster, the performance efficiency and miniaturization of components - such as...

The Runway Ahead - Electric Aircraft, Part 2

21 Apr, 2021
Carpenter Electrification is excited by the potential of the emerging electric aircraft industry. It’s a natural fit for our capabilities, given our...

Taking to the Skies - Electric Aircraft, Part 1

21 Apr, 2021
For decades now, Hollywood, Disney, and science fiction writers have envisioned cities of the future, where flying cars whizz through the air,...

Putting the Electrification Revolution into Motion

15 Apr, 2021
  Combustion engines and our reliance on fossil fuels represent the past. So what represents the future? The motor is the key towards moving the...