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Electric motor with soft magnetic rotor stack

Specialized development expertise across a range of markets and within soft magnetics

For over a century Carpenter Technology has provided material solutions for mission-critical applications in a variety of markets. We help customers strengthen their competitive edge by rethinking the boundaries of alloy materials and optimize for the performance metrics required of their application. We collaborate with customers each step of the way and our end-to-end service offerings simplify and speed the process from concept and material selection, to prototype and serial production.

Electric Vehicles

We supply soft magnetic alloys and stator and rotor stacks designed to advance the performance of electric motors and electrified transportation. Power-dense motors provide optimized powertrains in next-generation electric vehicles, creating significant torque and range benefits.


Carpenter Electrification soft magnetic materials are used in over 75% of all generators and APUs installed on commercial and defense aircraft. With a production capacity of over 100,000 tons per year and continuing strategic investments in electrification, we are a trusted partner for developing material breakthroughs.

Consumer Electronics

Advanced soft magnetic materials offer design freedom for smaller, lighter components without sacrificing performance. Increase power, decrease weight, or increase battery time with our material solutions and engineering support to reduce time to market.


Our team of industry experts recognize the specificity in our customer’s needs and adapt with agility to improve performance of highly-critical no-fail applications.


Optimized materials enable advanced motors for increased comfort and performance in surgical tools. Patients benefit from precision instruments with more responsiveness, reduced vibration, and size reduction.


We provide soft magnetic alloy and lamination stack solutions that enable stewardship of non-renewable resources and the development of viable green technologies.


Electric motors create motion for the expanding electrification in daily life. From electric vehicles, drones, and robots, to household appliances and power tools, electric motors are being designed to work at increasing rotational speeds, reduced size, and optimized weight. High-performance alloys can extend vehicle range and offer lower costs or space savings with high torque density, high power density, and higher efficiency.

Generators and APUs

Our scalable electrification solutions help drive cost savings across the entire equipment life-cycle. Our soft magnetic alloys enable designers the advantages of motor size reduction and weight savings, making a leaner, more efficient instrumentation. Our full-service support allows materials to be stamped prior to heat treating, allowing processing of complex, proprietary forms for most power-dense and smallest and lightest generators and APUs.

Audio Voice Coils

Progress in miniaturization of electronics requires smaller micro speakers with higher audio output. The magnetic circuit is a key constraint in the device’s size reduction. Designers working with us to optimize their applications for smaller and lighter transducers with similar power levels, or create more powerful transducers of a similar size.

Haptics and Micromotors

To improve the user experience, haptic feedback requires precise motor responses to simulate a range of tactile feedback. Our material solutions provide development flexibility to help you meet rapid new product development cycles with soft magnetic alloys that provide unique performance advantages.

Shielding and Flux Focusing

Contain magnetic fields within or shield them from entering defined spaces to protect sensitive equipment with high permeability alloys. Control environmental influences on the performance of your components with soft magnetic solutions tailored to your application’s needs.

Current Monitoring Systems and Battery Management

The battery management system (BMS) is an integral part of electric vehicles, monitoring the current and voltage via a resistor. A constant resistance value at various operating temperatures is required for reliable system feedback and our material solutions offer a low temperature coefficient of resistance for accurate readout of battery charge.

Additive Manufacturing

Only Carpenter Technology can bring together additive manufacturing and electrification experts to combine the advantages of these two disruptive technologies. Customers benefit from the combined knowledge of soft magnetic materials and their sensitivity during stack production with end-to-end additive manufacturing capabilities.
high power electric motor parts

Trusted Partner for Application Development of High-Power-Density Motors and Compact Electronic Devices

Our engineering team partners with designers to ensure the maximum benefits of high-induction soft magnetic alloys are realized. Let us consult on your design to optimize integration.

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