Carpenter Electrification Sponsors WEMPEC

Carpenter Electrification Sponsors WEMPEC through University of Wisconsin 

Carpenter Technology supports the Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC), a technology center at the University of Wisconsin­‐Madison as a corporate sponsorActive since 1981, WEMPEC strives to provide education, research, and service as corporate sponsors, professors, staff, graduate students, and international scholars work together to develop the newest technologies and techniques in electric machines, power electronics, actuators, sensors, drives, motion control, and drive applications. 


  • To maintain a tightly-coupled relationship between WEMPEC-supported university research and educational programs and the engineers in global industry who sponsor and support these programs. 
  • To continuously improve the WEMPEC program in order to more effectively foster and sustain the growth of advanced electrical energy conversion technologies and their industrial, commercial, residential, consumer, Transportation, and aerospace applications.
  • To develop effective methodologies for transferring new knowledge gained in WEMPEC-supported research to all engineers in industry who sponsor and support this research, reflecting a long-term commitment to career development of engineers in our field. 
  • To globally foster the spirit of technological innovation and progress in electrical and electromechanical power conversion. 

Carpenter Technology is a proud sponsor and partner for WEMPEC to support their initiatives. 

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