Webinar: Better Sound, Smaller Speakers

Better Sound, Smaller Speakers 

Although electric motors receive the headlines for soft magnetic, current, steady progress in the miniaturization of electronics combined with increasing demand for multimedia technology requires increasingly smaller micro speakers with higher audio output. The goal of improving “decibel (dB) density” adds additional functionalities in consumer electronic devices, but one of the key constraints in miniaturization is the magnetic circuit of the device. The paramount challenge to miniaturization is the ability to improve the performance of the dynamic drivers in micro speakers.  

Carpenter Technology hosted a webinar to discuss the principal approach to miniaturization and high magnetic induction materials, such as Hiperco® 50, to increase saturation flux density. Used as a drop-in replacement sound pressure levels increase over a decibel, with greater opportunity through holistic design optimization. Compared to similar output levels from different materials, Hiperco also helps extend battery life and reduce the volume of electromagnets in state-of-the-art wireless headphones.  

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