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Reducing Size and Weight for Critical Applications

White paper on smaller, lighter, and more power-dense transformers from Hiperco® 50A

Miniaturization of Electrical Machines

The miniaturization of electrical machines is important for building a sustainable energy distribution technology for the decades ahead. The transportation of large transformers can present a number of issues, including increased transportation costs, logistical and installation challenges, potential machine damage, and disruption to loads. The large size of the transformer also impacts the life of the vehicles, and there are weight restrictions imposed on the transformer size in many cases. Additionally, isolation transformers, often used in naval and aerial defense applications, require small, light, and efficient machines. Incumbent technology such as grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) M6 provides a reasonably efficient solution. However, the system tends to be heavy and bulky, incurring transportation problems and premature vehicle failure due to load.
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About Carpenter Electrification

Carpenter Electrification brings material expertise to the challenges of next-generation motors and electronics. We offer alloys to support the most demanding design requirements and lamination stack production for tight tolerances to realize the full performance benefits of high magnetic induction alloys. Carpenter Electrification is committed to the future of electric vehicles and collaborates with customers on development, production and scaling of newly designed stator and rotor stacks for power dense motors.


Webinar: Faster, Longer-Range Drones with Power-Dense Motors

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, is rapidly increasing across a range of defense applications. From battlefield information, surveillance, and reconnaissance, to targeting, package delivery, and attack, drones provide the functional advantage of remote operation with minimum supervision and provide access to hard to reach locations or those that create vulnerable positioning for human forces. With the expanding possibilities drones provide for battlefield advantages, modern armed forces will require technologies to make UAVs faster, more agile, reliable, and robust.

Carpenter Technology modeled drone motor performance with an advanced material solution to investigate improved UAV performance. In this webinar, we discuss advanced alloy solutions for faster and longer range drones using advanced alloys in the power dense motors.