Improved microspeakers

Better Microspeakers Utilizing Hiperco® Alloys

White paper on optimizing dynamic driver performance

Improving sound pressure level density and reducing operating current

Magnetic circuits in consumer electronic devices are one of the key constraints in miniaturization. Carpenter Electrification took a holistic approach to model and improve the decibel density of microspeakers to increase sound pressure level while reducing operating current requirements. Download the full report today for more information on our methodology, testing, and results. 

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About Carpenter Electrification

Carpenter Electrification brings material expertise to the challenges of next-generation motors and electronics. We offer alloys to support the most demanding design requirements and lamination stack production for tight tolerances to realize the full performance benefits of high magnetic induction alloys. Carpenter Electrification is committed to the future of electric vehicles and collaborates with customers on development, production and scaling of newly designed stator and rotor stacks for power dense motors.


Webinar: Smaller, Lighter, and Decibel-Dense Microspeakers

Steady progress in the miniaturization of electronics combined with increasing demand for multimedia technology requires smaller micro speakers with higher audio output. The goal of improving “decibel (dB) density” adds additional functionalities in consumer electronic devices, but one of the key constraints in miniaturization is the magnetic circuit of the device. Carpenter Technology developed and studied design with high-performance alloys and found an enhancement in performance with reduced device size and better system level benefits.

In this webinar, we share our findings and provide insights into making a power and dB dense smaller and lighter magnetic assembly for microspeakers.

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