Battlefield Advantage

White paper on optimizing drone performance

Mission-critical, faster, more agile drones with high-torque, power-dense motors

With the expanding possibilities drones provide for battlefield advantages, modern armed forces will require technologies to make UAVs faster, more agile, reliable, and robust. Yet drones are unique products that combine several functional challenges. Carpenter Technology modeled drone motor performance to highlight the capabilities of Hiperco® 50A stator technology for commanders to translate into tactical, operational, and strategic advantages.
Propulsion efficiency improvements in drone motors

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About Carpenter Electrification

Carpenter Electrification brings material expertise to the challenges of next-generation motors and electronics. We offer alloys to support the most demanding design requirements and lamination stack production for tight tolerances to realize the full performance benefits of high magnetic induction alloys. Carpenter Electrification is committed to the future of electric vehicles and collaborates with customers on development, production and scaling of newly designed stator and rotor stacks for power dense motors.


Increased Performance for Greater Mobility

Carpenter Technology is the industry leader for stronger, tougher, more efficient alloys that enable mission-critical, never-fail success. Our materials and industry-leading metallurgical expertise enable the modern warfighter greater mobility, agility, survivability, lethality, and reliabilityAs a DFARS compliant supplier to the defense industry for over a century, our investment in next-generation technology and production processes ensure our forces deploy the most innovative, effective, and efficient solutions. 

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